Saturday, May 7, 2016

Duck River Canoeing

For our anniversary and Mother's Day weekend Chris made reservations at Duck Canoe for us to go canoeing!
Since Ry turned 4 we can do cool family stuff like this now!
By the way, I found a brilliant put your phone in a zipper baggie to keep it safe from water...but what was not a brilliant idea was to take pictures through said baggie!
(And here is where I realized I had to take the phone OUT of the baggie to get clear pictures.)
It was a perfectly beautiful day. Not hot, not cold, and we had clear beautiful blue skies.
Payton and I got stuck on a rock on a teeny tiny rapid. Our boat tipped and water started to fill it up. Chris, Dylan and some guys who were intertubing helped get our boat free (the water was only about a foot deep so we were standing in it and completely fine). It was pretty funny but I think Payton was a bit freaked out about it.  We lost an oar and one of Payton's flip flops but we found them both down stream.
I didn't expect to see SO MANY clams in the river.
Some were HUGE!
Our trip was 3 hour and 45 minutes, which made for some VERY tired cuties.
And some tired arms for us.
But it was a TOTAL blast and we can't WAIT to go again!

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