Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week #18 {2016}

Sunday morning on our way to church. The back roads of Tennessee are beautiful in the springtime!
I'm pretty lucky that this guy is mine.
Ry wanted to ride like the big kids. {He's not a baby anymore!}
Popsicle time!
Ry made this at church and said "The teacher said to give it to someone I like." {I really like him too!}
Monday not only did he draw a flower for the first time...but he also wrote his name backwards!
Walking in the rain to get Dylan.

He's almost done with 6th grade!
Fajitas make such a pretty dinner.
Wednesday was Chris and my 14 Year Anniversary!
Thursday - Our fireplace wall turned out so good, that Chris did the same thing in our niche by our master bedroom.
That night Ry got the best seat in the house.
Friday Chris started on a new project.  Can't wait to show you the finished product!
Payton had her first official softball practice with her team.
She did great and LOVED it!
We took selfies while she practiced.
Saturday we went canoeing
This week was super fun and going to be hard to top!

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