Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls Day Out + Rylan {Downtown Nashville}

Ry and I went with a couple of my friends/neighbors to hang out in Downtown Nashville before the big kids are out of school for summer!  It was fun going with them, because they had been on a walking tour of the area with their kids classes, so they showed us around Capitol Hill and surrounding areas.
Our state capitol.
The war memorial.
Up close of the Capitol building 
Statue is of Andrew Jackson
Overlooking Bicentennial Park
"Take a picture of me eating in front of the fountain." - Rylan
After Capitol Hill we walked through Broadway,
and ate lunch at The Southern.
It was delicious.
Ry was such a trooper walking as much as we did...then I looked over and Ashley was carrying him! #luckyduck
We showed Kim the Shelby Pedestrian Bridge
Stopped into Savannah's Sweets for a treat and snapped a pic in front of the CMT building.
It was a super fun day, and I hope we can do it again when school starts back up in the fall!

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