Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week #19 {2016}

Sunday Chris worked on his latest project. Can you guess what it's going to be?
Monday we went and had lunch with Dylan before the school year ended.
Dylan's friends told him that Chris looked like John Cena. Which I guess was a good thing...{I had to look up who he was when I got home!}.
Rylan had his first t-ball practice and it was a-dor-able.
The kids ran and ran and ran.
He had a small cheering section.
And then they started doing this:
They are such nerds and I love it {and them!}.
At the end, while the team was in a huddle, Rylan jumped up, ran over to me and said "Mom, the coach says I have to go to bed early.", while giving me a thumbs up.  It was so cute.
And when we got home, he followed the directions!
Tuesday we went to Downtown Nashville with some friends.
Every day while walking back from the bus, Dylan picks me some "flowers" {they are actually weeds but they smell wonderful!} and I have a cute bouquet now.
Wednesday Rylan did some painting.
And he and his buddy, Emma, love riding back together from the bus stop.
Payton made a mouse mug in her art class.
Thursday we had a beautiful sunset.
Friday. Mornings where the kids snuggle with me are my favorite.
Ry and I headed to Dylan's promotion ceremony. He's going to be a 7th grader!
I checked Dylan out of school afterwards and we headed over to say hi to Payton at her Field Day.
Are all 2nd grade girls get obsessed with doing cartwheels?  I hear "Watch me Mommy!" at least 50 times a day.
While Payton was having fun at field day, the boys and I headed home.  Chris was there but heading out to one of his branches which just-so-happens to be next to our favorite restaurant, Tito's. So we went went with him and had a yummy lunch.
When Payton got home she was t.i.r.e.d.
Dylan helped his daddy out for a little while.
And then we headed to Payton's softball practice.
After bath time, Rylan brushed his hair al by himself and was SO proud how it I had to take a picture!
I love "On this Day" on Facebook.  It reminds me of these sweet moments.
Saturday morning, I got breakfast in bed from these 2 bedhead cuties.
And Chris finished his latest project... a new dining room table!
I love how it turned out.
And since he was on a roll, he started another project...any guesses as to what this will be???

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