Saturday, May 21, 2016

Week #20 {2016}

Sunday morning we had a family talk.  I had to giggle when I realized that all 3 kids climbed into the tub to listen.
After the talk, we had the kids look of verses on obedience and copy them down {and yes, even Rylan did it!}
I have been watching my parents drive out here on Find My Friends and had to laugh when I saw this.  (My mom is the left circle and my dad is the right circle)  I messaged them and asked if my dad left my mom behind!
Monday started the last week (well 3 days) of school!  We aren't happy about that or anything.
I came home to find this:
Dylan's rocket he made for a class, some drawings and a tiki cup he made in art.
Ry had t-ball practice again.
But this time my parents got to come...and of course it started to rain on us!
Tuesday we got to go grocery shopping together.
Since most of the kids won't be taking the bus home tomorrow, we snapped a picture with Mr. T {the best bus driver EVER!}. And yes, that is all the kids that get off at this one stop.
Swedish Meatballs was what was for dinner. Yum!
Wednesday was the last time {well at least for a couple of months} that I have to see this alarm, this stinkin' early in the morning!
Darby brought donuts over to celebrate the last day of school.
I finally went to Sprouts and {eeks!} it's huge!
I know this doesn't look pretty, but BOY is it yummy! Click {here} for the recipe.
We went to Payton's end of the year party and I was so proud that she got the award for "having the best manners".
All done with school!
We went to Tito's to celebrate.
Thursday. The first day of summer and Ry and I had to head for his PreK screening.
You know Rylan J's tired when he does this: {That's his bit-bit.}
Early Friday morning {2 am} my nephew and his buddy showed up to crash on our couch. They were driving from California to North Carolina to ride their motorcycles at Dragon Tail. They were at our house a total of 8 hours, but it was so awesome to see/hug him!
Papa Nutt and Gigi even stopped by to say hi before they headed out.
Saturday Dylan made apple tarts...all by himself. {I love this kid.}
Chris hung up Rylan's name on his bed and Ry LOVES it.
We went to my parents for a bit and the boys got to shoot BB guns in their back yard.
I finished off the week seeing this while I was heading to the market...God is good.

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