Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week #21 {2016}

Sunday after church we went to lunch.
Our first Oriental Lily bloom! {Ry, of course, loved that it was orange!}
Monday. Today marks FIVE years since we left California to move to Georgia.  It seems like yesterday and yet it seems like forever ago!
The builder was back in replacing carpet and fixing our floor.
This is what a VERY tired Rylan looks like.  He rad HARD at t-ball and was trying to keep himself up.
Late that night Cody and his buddy came back to spend the night, so Tuesday we got to hang out with them.
Iron Man and Jake made an appearance.
Today was an extra cup of coffee with a little extra sweetness to keep me going.
We had fun playing in the sprinklers and eating popsicles with the White kids.
Wednesday we stopped by my parents to check out my dad's new mower.  He is SO excited about mowing his lawn.
And Iron Man escorted me to the Market.
When we got home, I heard something dragging on the floor.  I looked over to see this: He went to get his Skylanders figures.  He's such a gamer.  Ha!
Thursday morning we made Banana Bread Mini Muffins.
And we hit a big milestone when we got rid of all our milk babas {aka sip cups}.  Eek!
Friday the pool finally opened and we went for a little bit.
Our Oak Leaf Hydrangea sure is pretty.
We ended the night at Payton's softball practice.
Saturday my dad loved stopping to talk to the cows, and save a snapping turtle walking across a street {5 people had stopped to help save the turtle!}.
Chris used to deliver mattresses years ago and Dylan was pretty good at moving this one to Papa Nutt and Gigi's house.
While there, the kids got to shoot bb guns.
And I looked out the window to see Rylan "pretending to be sleeping" in a box.  Crazy kid!

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