Saturday, November 28, 2015

Week #48 {2015} Thanksgiving Break

How is it that we are already at Thanksgiving Break?  This year is FLYING by!
Sunday Ry came home from Sunday School with a new Bible verse memorized!
Monday I took a nap with this big kid and his pillows on top of me. It actually was comfortable. Maybe because I was cold and all the extra layers warmed me up.
Tuesday morning was beautiful and brisk.
I sat outside all bundled up and blogged a bit and then had these 2 kids join me. I didn't last very long because the briskness turned cold very quickly. But then 37° will do that to you! It was beautiful thought!
Gigi Facetimed with the kiddos to do a fun "science" project that was pretty cool.
I have recently started reading The Indian in the Cupboard out loud to the kids. We all snuggled up on top of Rylan's bed to read for a bit.
Even though I'm the only person in my family that likes cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, I decided to make it from scratch this year... and it was so worth it!
Click {here} for the recipe I used {it was from The Pioneer Woman}. Plus I was able to make it 2 days before and just pulled it out to serve on Thursday.
Wednesday we were cleaning and preparing the house for some friends that were coming into town for Thanksgiving. Payton wrote them this sweet note:
Our local McDonald's is already rockin' the Christmas decor and I love it. Only in the South can they put up a manger scene with "His name is Jesus."
 Chris came up with a brilliant plan to have a family sleep over up in the bonus room for Thanksgiving Eve.
Only he decided that once the kids were asleep that he would go back down to our bed. {party pooper? or a smart man?}
Thursday was Thanksgiving Day!
Friday morning I made Pumpkin Crumb Cake for breakfast. If you haven't made it yet, you need to. It's the best ever.
Jeanine and the kids had pulled some pranks on us yesterday; saran wrapping the toilet, placing raisins in the bottom of our shower {which looked like poo} and putting vegetables in the foot of
our bed. They continued the next morning by toilet papering our room and closet while we were eating breakfast.
Ry continued playing with the bristle blocks with Jeanine.
And was proud when they had copied the picture on the container.
Dylan went to let our neighbors dog out for them {Cullen went too} and now is obsessed with getting a dog of his own.
Payton finished her Lego set and was {rightfully so} proud of it.
Eric liked tinkering with the blocks too!
We {of course} had leftovers for lunch.
And then we said goodbye to Eric and Jeanine. The kids hung around and played the rest of the day!
Saturday we headed to Nolensville and were VERY happy...
because we were about to eat this.
Burger shack...the closest thing to In-n-Out here. Yum!
This kid cracks me up. Seriously.
We decided to go driving the back roads and enjoyed the last glimpses of fall on this drizzly day.
We even got to see a family of deer!
That night Ry kept blocking Daddy's view of the tv. He thought it was hilarious.
And for payback for the pranks the kids pulled on us, Chris Saran wrapped Dylan's bed. He thought it was awesome.
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