Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week #45 {2015}

Sunday we Facetimed with Auntie Jeanniners.
Ry called us in to see his butterfly he made...with his waffle.
Dylan was laying on the ground {watching tv} when Rylan crawled up and snuggled in next to him. Ry then turned to find Payton and invited her to join them.
I posted about the cheap gas prices last week but Monday morning they dropped even more!
I made/ate Honey Crisp Apple Salad for lunch. It's a perfect fall salad.
I got some awesome fun mail full of free stuff from! Yay!
Ry was super excited about our enchiladas at dinner time.
Tuesday while Ry and I were at Costco, we saw Natalie Grant shopping there! How cool huh?
On the way home he fell asleep holding his soda.
We found a very unwanted house guest out front. His body was literally the size of my thumb. {shudder!}
Wednesday morning I pulled another one of Payton's teeth. We are this close to having to blend her food into smoothies!
Every Wednesday is wash day. And every week I wonder HOW on earth we create so much laundry! {This was only half.}
We got to see a late afternoon hot air balloon walking home from Payton's bus.
And then this happened with our soon-to-be neighbors {who are building the house across the street}.
Levi is 1 month older than Ry and they are best buds!
We finished the night watching the CMA's. Wasn't Justin Timberlake awesome?
Thursday brought some awesome afternoon skies.
And fun times with the neighbors!
P had a sweet friend over for a bit.
And then I got food poisoning. I'll spare you the gross details but as I was laying on the bathroom floor all 3 kids were trying to be helpful and get me stuff. This is what they had layed out for me. {I have the sweetest kids.}
Friday. Payton earned lunch with the principal at school. She was scheduled for it a couple of weeks ago but they postponed it until next week. She JUST showed me this cute card for it.
Saturday Mia {a neighbor} came over to make cookies with us.
Then we had some tea to go with the cookies. {Yes, Rylan LOVES hot tea...especially in these tiny teacups from Gigi.}
Then we went for a walk with the White's and found a couple of wood pallets.  They were awesome and helped me carry them back home for a project.
Then the greatest thing happened.  Kids kept coming over to hang out.  At one point there were 11 kids at our home and I loved every second of it. {I'm obviously a TOTAL extrovert!}
While they were playing outside Chris sent me this.
We have had weather in the 70's this week and it was beautiful.  Today it dropped to 56 and it was SO cold.  I had on a bunch of layers, a beanie and was wrapped up in a huge blanket while I watched the kids play outside.  It was freezing, but a total BLAST!

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