Saturday, November 21, 2015


After Payton's fall party we jumped in the car and headed down to Chattanooga to go and see the Schoening family.
We decided to take another route that we haven't driven before to hopefully avoid some holiday traffic.  And it was a GREAT decision.  It was beautiful,
and we got to drive through some quaint little towns like this,
and see awesome gas stations that still look like this.
The open fields were beautiful.
As well as an amazing house on top of a hill.
We saw an incredible sunset.
and STILL ended up in traffic {boo!}.
We got to the Schoening's house {eventually!} and ate a yummy dinner and hung out and caught up.
The next morning Ben introduced us to our first Bulletproof coffee. It was weirdly amazing. 
They have a beautiful view off their back deck.
The kids played,
And then we loaded up and headed to McKay's Used Book Store.
We have one in Nashville and it's been on my list of places to go to, and we {especially Dylan} we're excited to finally check it out. It's amazing a huge warehouse full of books. 4 adults with 6 kids in tow and we were there for over an hour.
On the way out Jen stopped to show me the guys on the freeway clean up crew. I WISH I had a better picture, but his jacket says "I'm a drunk driver.". {that would have NEVER flown back in California!}
Group photo before heading out. The Schoening family is amazing. We are lucky to call them friends.

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