Saturday, November 21, 2015

Week #47 {2015}

On Sunday I caught myself saying to Dylan "Just because it is blue, doesn't mean it matches.".
Then we had another awesome view of 4 hot air balloons.
2 flew over the house,
and the other 2 were flying so low we thought they were going to land behind our house.
The red one flew so stinking low and I was so excited to get it on video {we were actually talking with the people in the basket}...until I realized that I hadn't pushed the record button. {Doh!} Fortunately the blue one flew over pretty low and I was able to get that one on video.
We quickly ran to the front of the house and cause this picture as well.
I love when Rylan can talk with me about what he learns at church:
"Who has a plan for you? God has a plan for you."
Monday Payton caught a wagon ride to a friends house {she was screaming all the way!}.
Then later that night Rylan started doing this out of the blue.
I've been laughing since I saw this on Facebook. 
Dylan has hit being a "pre-teen" pretty hard and there are days that are so very frustrating....but then, the next day {Tuesday}, he's wanting to wear a unicorn head to school for the pep rally and you just have to love that kid. He's awesome.
Me and my girl.
Wednesday we had a dreary rainy day.
I thought we were going to float away... But then in the late afternoon the sun peaked through and I caught this picture.
And then God showed his wonderful glory with this stunningly beautiful sunset that followed.
Yup, God is good, even on the dreary, gloomy days.
Thursday Ry and I {and his penguin} had a fun day running a few errands.
One of the stops was to the library and I bribed him with some computer time there if he stayed with me while I found the books that I needed. As we were leaving we were told that story time was beginning and we decided to try it out again {the past few times he lasted 2-3 minutes before he was d.o.n.e.-done}. Not only did we stay the whole time but he participated and followed all the instructions! It was "farming" day and they ended the time painting with vegetable pieces. He loved it!
Then in the middle of the Target parking lot, we had another reminder that God is amazing, and he is good. {p.s. This picture is unedited with no filter...and it looked even better in person!}
Back at home Ry made a home for his ducky, complete with a rooftop Christmas tree.
That night we went to Payton's program at school.
Friday Payton had her fall party at school and then we headed to Chattanooga!
Saturday my parents were out to dinner with my sister and her family {Yes, she's the lucky one who still lives by our parents.} and she caught this adorable picture. 
My parents are so adorable and love each other desperately even after being married for FIFTY years!

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