Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving {2015}

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year with Framily {friends/family}. We woke up early to get cooking. {photos by: Payton}
We had a family pie making contest this year. Boys against girls. The boys made an apple crisp.
And Payton and I attempted a banana cream pie and we made a pie crust from scratch.
I later found this cute video on my phone:
Food baking time!
Eric and Jeanine showed up bearing gifts. They had brought the big kids Legos and bristle blocks for Ry.
Which they played with for hours
And we kept prepping linner {lunch/dinner}. {photo by:Jeanine}
Chris showed up and the 2 Chris' "sat down" to watch football. Ha! {We'll be getting furniture in there someday!}
We gave thanks to the Lord for all he has done for each of us, ate dinner and then just sat around talking. We had a great time.
Ry and his soda mustache.
Then it was time for dessert. We have a tradition of spraying whipped cream in the kids mouth.
Dylan {of course} went overboard with Payton.
Group photo!
Thanks Eric & Jeanine and Chris for celebrating Thanksgiving with us!


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