Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week #49 {2015}

Sunday I wore my new cowl {a gift from the Stellmacks!} to church. It kept me so warm I didn't need a jacket.
I painted Payton's toes red with a couple of glitter toes for the holidays!
Yes, we're a completely normal family!
Monday a neighbor/friend needed some help with her girls. So we got to hang out with these cuties most of the day.
Ry loved having someone to play with and every chance he got he wanted to help with baby Hannah.
When Dylan got home from school he wanted to make dinner. He made White Chicken Chili {it's actually more of a soup!} and he had the table all set for us. {I love that kid!}
Tuesday Ry and I went to the last mom2mom meeting of this semester {boo!}, and he obliged when I asked to take a pic in front of a Christmas tree there.
He colored when we got home and said "Look mom! It's Hello Kitty!". Yup! It sure is buddy!
Wednesday I loved this girls outfit. Wish I had it in my size!
Thursday we had to unload our entire pantry {It's amazing how much stuff gets shoved into there!}
because the builder was there to FINALLY do our drywall repairs.
We had a wave in one of our walls and they tried to repair it. But it wasn't working. The construction managers came in and were trying to figure out how to fix it...
Until our wall ended up looking like this.  {It was framed incorrectly. Fun times!}
Friday. The best part about Daddy working from home is the impromptu "Nuggle time!" moments.
We also got to hang out with Baby Hannah again {Emma was at school.}
Not only is Rylan obsessed. But so was Dylan.
The boys were giving her the royal treatment.
Then when the little kids got home from the bus they all played {ahem, wrestled} out front.
Then Payton got to go to a birthday party at the American Girl Bistro. She had a BLAST!
Saturday they were back to redrywall the opening. Yay!
Then we kicked off our annual Family Christmas Tree hunt and decorating day. It started out with cookies and hot cocoa for breakfast. Then shopping to buy our Angel Tree gifts. We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch {although we all ordered breakfast items!}. Then we went to pick the tree. 
Funny story. We chose the first and only tree that Chris grabbed. It was perfect for us!
When we got home we hung up lights.

Then Chris made dinner while the kids and I decorated the tree.
I had a cute little helper!
And the outside!
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!

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