Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week #52 {2015}

Sunday we had a lazy morning hanging out in our bed.
We've been reading The Indian in the Cupboard {very slowly}. And this time Ry brought his toy Indian with him.
P-Girl wanted to help daddy mow the lawn.
My Uncle Dennis and Aunt Barbara were in town and came down to see us for a bit.
It was so great to hug on them!
A new carniceria just opened by our house and holy was awesome.
And they have REAL Coca-Cola from Mexico.  It's the best.
That night we drove around looking at Christmas lights.  This house was our favorite.
Monday we did some Christmas crafts {or craps as Rylan calls them.  hee hee!}.
Tuesday I had to document {and rub in} the fact that we were warmer than my family in California and Colorado!  {It may not happen again for a looooong time!}
Nuggle time with Ry Guy.
We FaceTimed with Payton and Daddy who were just upstairs.  Ry thought it was hilarious!
I absolutely love the "On This Day" feature on FaceBook, because I get reminded of moments like this. Eek! He was so little!
Payton created a poster for a tv show "Pengi and the Fish Fishy".
I loved that on the back she had the rating, running time, rating and reviews!
Ry has a new guy he is drawing.  He said it's a Minion.
The littles created a town with blocks and I was honored to find out they named it "Rebecca Town".
I got the last See's candy...and no, I didn't share.  {wink}
Wednesday was Christmas Eve Eve
Thursday we celebrated Christmas Eve.
Then of course Friday was Christmas Day!
Saturday the kids friends came over.  They danced.
And they made a birthday cake for me for tomorrow!
I love Christmas break.  We had such a good week!
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