Saturday, December 12, 2015

Week #50 {2015}

Sunday. Those are my people, walking hand and hand through Walmart.
Unc and Auntie D sent the kids some gifts from their trip to Kauai. They sent Rylan a little gecko toy...then he made a gecko out of paper.
Playing with Levi {who lives across the street!}.
Dylan was working on a school project and I was pretty impressed with the parrot he drew!
That night we went to the Thompson's Station Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. It's one of my favorite new traditions! It is definitely a small town event and I LOVE it. Not many people are there, the kid's schools glee clubs perform, a local dance school performs, there's free cookies and hot cocoa. It's awesome. I invited 3 other families to go with us and we all had a great time.
Monday. Gas prices are dropping again. Yippee!
I made my first batch of Almond Rocca...Christmastime can now officially begin!
Tuesday I gave this cutie patootie a hair cut.
And I'm kind of obsessed with this snack lately: Granny Smith Apples and Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese slices. 
So funny story - Chris gave me his Hurley sweatshirt that was a bit too short in the torso. He went to go and grab a new one and walked out in this:
We have matching hoodies from our old church and mine was hung up in his side of the closet! That guy makes me laugh!
We added some decorations to our Charlie Brown tree out front!
I love Rylan. At bathtime I ask him to get his jammies and when I walk in {almost every time} he has them layed out like this.
Wednesday we had a little more time in the morning and I got to do Payton's hair like this:
I had a cute lunch date at Costco. {By the way, have you had a swirl frozen yogurt there? Y.U.M.}
The girls...walking home from the bus. And this is a Kindergartner, 1st grader and 2nd grader....all the same height!
Thursday. Rylan sends hundreds of these Snapchats. He can verbally spell his name right, but on Snapchat, he ends up scrambling the letters. It makes me smile.
Friday I got to spend a few hours with sweet Hannah girl again. She is such a good baby!
The people that just moved in across the street from us moved here from Irvine, CA, just 15 minutes from where we used to live! She wanted to hose off her driveway {thanks to construction dirt!} and was commenting on/laughing at how she couldn't do that in California. I was laughing at the little ducklings that were following behind her "helping".
Walking home from the bus again. This neighborhood just keeps getting better and better!
And the littles and I went for a nature walk in the neighborhood. On a nature walk we bring a bag and pick up trash we see on our path.
Payton was at the neighbors playing and when I went to get her she and Marley  were all dressed up with beautiful makeup on.
Later that day Payton got to go to a rock star birthday party.
Her and the birthday girl, Mia!

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