Sunday, December 27, 2015

I'm 37!

Today is my birthday!  
{woot woot!}
Chris had planned for us to wake up super early and head out to Loveless Cafe for breakfast.  BUT we slept in instead because we had a gnarly wind storm last night that kept us up/waking us up.
Loveless would have been awesome, but I was excited to make Grandpa McNutt's Dutch Baby in my new cast iron skillet!
We got ready for the day,
and headed to the mall.
We got there at 10:30 but the mall doesn't open until noon on Sundays {doh!}.
So we went to eat at Cheesecake Factory {one of my favs!}.
This bread is a-maz-ing.
So is this guy.
and these kids are pretty cool too.
The servers sang "Happy Birthday" to me and brought me this perfect size hot fudge sundae.
Then Rylan started to complain about not feeling well.  We tried to do some shopping by Rylan just wanted to be held so we decided to head back home.
Did I mention it was 75 degrees today?  Thanks God for that awesome gift!
Ry fell asleep in the car and when we got home he started bouncing off the wall.  I wanted to take a nap and he came and sat on my face.
So we went out for a walk/ride instead.
And then Chris lowered the seat on Dylan's bike and Rylan took off on it....loving every second.
After a couple of hours of hanging outside, talking with neighbors, we headed back inside for cake time! Yes, they were warming their hands next to the blazing fire on my cake.  {wink}
Dylan MADE me a keychain for my birthday. The cross is made of pen pieces, the heart out of hot glue. He is such a sweet/great/creative boy!
Then it was Just Dance time.  I won't share the awesome video we got of the whole family dancing because we are total dorks, but here are some snapshots.  We laughed the whole time.
Then we got a knock on the door and a sweet neighbor was there with flowers for my birthday!

Today was a perfect day!!

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