Saturday, December 19, 2015

Week #51 {2015}

Sunday we had some craft time. Payton and I {with a little bit of help from Dylan} made this Christmas tree.  Payton gave it to her teacher at school.
The we went to a local park to get pictures of the kids for our Christmas card. I'll share the pictures a little later but I'll give you a sneak peek of this cute pic of Rylan.
We headed to Dickens of a Christmas.
And then when we got home it was so windy that we flew kites.
Monday the crew was back to install our crown molding and framing in the dining room.
And someone crashed out in my arms that night.
Tuesday Ry made a "no-man" for craft time.
Wednesday the painters were back.
Then that evening we went to deliver Almond Rocca to some neighbors.
Ry has a new "thing" he does.
Thursday Dylan wore his Jedi cloak to school for Star Wars Day.
I walked into the kitchen to find Rylan saying "I'm drawing a house, momma!"
My sweet neighbor, Darby, came over to help {I pretty much just watched her do it.} contact paper my newly pained pantry shelves. {My neighbors rock!}
And Chris headed out to our work Christmas Party.  I had to stay home because the painters were still working.
But he made it back in time to see Dylan get ready and head off to his very first dance.
While Dylan was at the dance, Darby watched the littles and Chris and I got to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday {a little bit early!}.  It was awesome!
Friday was half day for both the kids and Payton's school had pajama day!
In the car, we got to hear Rylan's version of Blake Shelton's Gonna.
Saturday I gave this guy a hair cut.
And these 2 got ready to go to a birthday party (the first of 2 parties for Payton today!).
Marley, the birthday girl, was dressed up as Elsa so Payton ran home and got her dress on as well.
Later that night, I was exhausted and ready for bed, then Dylan asked me to play Legos with him.  How could I turn down that request?
I made a manger.  Dylan made baby Jesus to put in it.
5 more sleeps until Christmas!

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