Saturday, March 23, 2013

This Week

Monday we had a thunder, lightning, and hail storm that came through.

I told Payton to grab her coloring book and color.
This is what she did instead.

Impressive, right?

Rylan does gymnastics to go to bed.
It's cute, but gets old real quick.

He pooped out during my trip to the market.

And then pooped out on Sasha's lap too.

We walked to get Dylan from the bus and he had to stop to play with the grass.
Yes, that brown stuff IS grass.  It is dormant for the winter.

He was so proud of himself.

Craig and Sasha took us to pizza and they ordered garlic knots.
Yum.  I looked as Sasha and said, "I can make these at home."
So a few days later, I did.  At least attempted too.
They weren't very good (too hard on the outside), so I am looking for a better recipe and I WILL perfect them.

Rylan and I got to go to Dylan's school to see their museum.
Each student made a diorama and brochure of a specific habitat in Georgia and it was on display for parents and classmates to see.
There was a LOT of parent time and money spent on these projects.
Dylan chose the Blue Ridge Mountains and did 100% himself of it with items that we already had around the house.
I was pretty proud of him, his creativity and effort.
He got an A+. {smile}

Dylan was very excited that he got to show off his little brother to his friends.

Payton working on her sliding round house kick.

We had the bright idea to go to the mall today.
It was raining so everyone else in the world had the same idea.
It was still fun to walk around.
Rylan loved being able to push his stroller.

He LOVES this dog.
It is supposed to be a pacifier clip, but it is a slobber holder for him.

He climbed up and through this shelf silly boy.

He also learned to sweep.

Chris made . . .

Pizookies = chocolate chip cookie dough baked in a pizza pan (so it is thick and gooey) topped with ice cream.
My hubby rocks.

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