Friday, March 1, 2013

Best and Bummer

After school we always say to the kids "best and bummer?".  They then tell us the best part of their day and the biggest bummer part of their day.
Usually they want to start with the bummer.  So I will start with the bummer for our day today too.
Bummer - We went to another early doctor's appointment for Rylan today because he woke up looking like this.

We found out he is allergic to the Amoxicillin he was taking for his ear infection which caused hives.

Poor thing!

Here is the left side of his torso (armpit) mid-morning.

And here is how he looked at bathtime in the evening.

Here's the same area (left torso) that as you can see has grown.

His right armpit.

His face.

My heart just breaks for him!
Best - Just watch this video.

At one point he took 7 steps (of course I didn't have my camera)!
It was such a great moment, but then I feel so bad for them that he was covered in hives.

What's your best and bummer???

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