Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up {Spa Day}

I love morning snuggles with these two.

This guy is getting into EVERYTHING now.

Bedtime routine.  This is what my mom calls "Boob Drunk".

Payton learned to ride her bike with no training wheels today.

Her dad is SUPER proud.
Little.  Big.

The clouds move so quickly here.

It's fun to watch them race across the sky.

Payton was invited by her friend, Lauren, to go on a spa day.

She was SOOO excited.
Soaking her toesies.

Getting them painted.

Time for a manicure!
This is lotion.  Cute, right?

Lauren getting the massage.
I'm sure she doesn't realize just how wonderful that feels.  =)

Rylan chillin', eating his Cheerios.

Manicure all done!

Facial time.

They got to paint their yogurt facial on.
Their choices were; vanilla, chocolate or strawberry.
Both chose chocolate.

Payton said it didn't taste very good.
They weren't really sure of what to do at first.

But then got the hang of it.

(Notice how Payton is holding the brush?)
All done!
Then a hot towel to wipe it all off.
All clean.
"What's next?" you ask?
Make up of course!
Waiting her turn.
Payton was SO excited to wear makeup.
Daddy on the other hand . . . not so excited.  =)
But she looks beautiful!
Miss Lauren's turn!
All done!
I love this picture.
Thank you Kelly for an amazing memory maker for our girls!!!

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