Friday, March 22, 2013

Eleven Months

Happy 11 month old birthday Rylan!
This past month has brought so many new milestones.
He is walking every where (and even trying to run).
The bottom right picture is him walking with his hands up in the air (so cute!).
He loves playing with my hair when he is tired.
And will shove my face so the side to play with my earrings.
He shakes his head "no".
Says "dog dog".
Calls for the dog by clicking his tongue.
Also says "Da-T" ALL THE TIME.
He's only getting up once a night {woot woot!}
He is a daddy's boy.
Waves bye-bye.
Oh and tries to plug plugs into the wall socket {yikes!}.
I can't believe he will be turning 1 in just one short month!

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