Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter -2013-

Warning:  Picture overload following.
This is Rylan's First Easter!
With him being sick, and Dylan being up in the middle of the night not feeling well, we stayed home from church.
This is the 2nd Easter that I did not go to church in my life.  It was weird!
Rylan wasn't sure what to think when we gave him his Easter basket.

(You can tell he is still sick in this picture.  Poor buddy!)

But the other kids dug into their baskets quickly.

My little bunnies!

I took this while waiting to FaceTime with Papa Nutt & Gigi.

They sent them some fun Easter gifts.

I am SO thankful for technology.  It makes the holidays a little easier!

Rylan still trying to get the hang of opening presents.

He quickly put together his F-16 plane!

We got to watch church on-line (again thankful for technology!).
Then Dylan and Payton helped me make homemade Pita chips.
I love when they work together nicely!

Before we got to the egg hunt, I got them to pose for a quick picture.

And then we took a family photo!

My kids are getting used to my incessant picture taking.
Okay.  Egg hunt time!

See?  They will even pause mid-hunt to flash me a quick smile.

Rylan double fisting his finds.

I decided to show him what was inside . . .

And then he got the hang of it.

They found notes in one of their eggs.

"Now go to Papa & Sasha for final surprise."
A box of magic tricks for Dylan,
Doc McStuffin's notebook & puzzle,
and a stacker toy for Rylan!
Happy Easter from the Lewis Family!

He is risen!

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