Friday, December 7, 2012

Choose & Cut Your Christmas Tree

Today was pajama day for Payton at school.
This is important, because she STAYED in her jammies while we had our fun evening.
I wouldn't normally let her go out in them!  =)

When the kids got home from school we went to Brooklyn Joe's for dinner.
I had the most incredible Spinach Salad for dinner.
You will have to come back tomorrow for "What I Ate . . ." to see why it was incredible.
{hint: The dressing has BACON in the name!}
Ry Guy is getting so big sitting in a highchair when we go out.

Want to know a trick to keep him quiet?
Give him a baby wipe.

He loves to suck on them and I have no idea why - yuck!
After dinner we headed over to the Choose & Cut Your Christmas Tree Farm which happened to be less than 10 minutes from our house.

They had an awesome wooden train for the kids to climb on,
a section of pre-cut trees,
and then a huge field of trees.

We walked through the fields, smelling all the trees, hunting for a perfect small tree.
Dylan getting a kick out of carrying a hand saw.
He and Payton wanted to take that tree home (middle right photo).
This was the view from one of the crests.  It really was breathtaking.

Craig ended up finding a pre-cut one that was perfect.
And the price was even more perfect - $20!
Dylan was a little bummed that we didn't get to actually cut it down, so he asked if he could pretend to cut it.  He is all boy.

Sasha spotted a tiny little tree.  Perfect for a photo opt with Rylan.

Don't you just LOVE this smile?

Then it was back home for decorating the tree.

And if you are keeping count, yes we have 3 trees in the house.
One in our room.
One is Papa and Sasha's in the living room.
Then this one upstairs for all the kids ornaments.

I popped popcorn, we ate, talked and decorated.

It was such a fun evening.

Rylan LOVED the lights!

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