Friday, December 21, 2012

Workin' Workin'

Today was Dylan's first day of Christmas break (Payton still had school.) so we went to church to help paint the new space.
See all the specs of dust in the air?  You'll see why in a second.
Chris rolled the room.

Christi edged the room.

Dylan helped paint too (a little).

See he's having fun!

Dylan creating artwork.

But THIS is why it was so dusty in there.

The last tenant had installed plaster over the beautiful old brick.
Chris had hammered the plaster off and Dylan was cleaning it up.
He said he was being a bulldozer.
He really hustled and was a huge help.
(He reminded me of my nephew, Cody.  When Cody helped out - he worked hard.  Whatever it was we asked him to do.)
And me?  I was super-mom.  I painted with a baby on my hip.
Just kidding.  This picture was completely staged!
I edged a little while Rylan was happy and or sleeping in a swing.  But mostly I just talked with everyone while they worked.  ;)

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