Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry CHRISTmas 2012!

The kids woke up so excited.

And even cooperated with me so I could take pictures.

I love watching kids open presents.
They have the greatest expressions!

My favorite are the middle left and bottom left pictures.
After they opened our presents, they went downstairs . . .

So see what presents Santa left!
A guitar for Payton.

And a bow and arrow for Dylan.

They must have been really good this year!

Daddy got to open the presents that Payton made us at school.
Then Dylan got to open his HUGE present from Papa and Sasha.
He had been guessing for days as to what it was.
He ripped off the paper and saw a high chair box!
It that box he found a smaller box.
In that box was an even smaller box.
Till he found the tiniest of all presents.
But sometimes awesome things come in small packages . . .
An iPod Shuffle!
Payton got her own karaoke machine.
Yup - she loved it!
Then (yes, we did things a bit backward this year) they saw that Santa and his reindeer DID stop by the house.
Rylan checking out his Jumparoo.
Breakfast was yummy.  
My sister, Davese, made these a few Christmas's ago and we have made them every year since.
The kids got to FaceTime with Papa Nutt and Gigi to open presents with them.
And then with their cousins to open even more!

Spoiled?  Yup, I think so.
I didn't get any pictures of Jesus' birthday cake (only video of the kids singing Happy Birthday).
I missed my family in California and Colorado a lot today.  But I am SO thankful for FaceTime.  It makes it seem like we are *almost* there together.

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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