Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Full Day

I heard Rylan crying and looked to find this.

Somehow he got the laundry basket flipped on top of him!
Remember when Chris was raking the leaves in the backyard?
Well today he finished but got smart and used a blower.
The kids had a blast jumping in the huge pile.
My favorite picture is the bottom left one.  
Chris is to the right (out of the picture) blowing the leaves and Payton is covering her face and hiding behind Dylan.  So sweet.
It's been really warm here.  Low to mid 70's.  So I have been wearing my flip flops alot.  Yea!
Yesterday Payton and I spent some time hanging out together playing "salon"  we did each other's hair and I painted our toes.
Me and my kiddos feet.
Poor Ry is STILL really sick.
But he managed to crawl up and watch some of a Christmas movie with his brother and sister.
Then it was time to put up our tree.  Rylan wanted to help too.
He was so proud of himself standing and pounding on the box.
Yes, we have a table top tree.  And actually it will work out great this year with having Rylan!
Especially since he is into EVERYTHING!
Here's the tree with a few of our ornaments including the reindeer ones we made.
Did I mention Rylan is still sick?
He was sitting next to me while I was laying on my bed and he flopped over onto my stomach and fell asleep.
Poor sweet baby!

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