Saturday, December 22, 2012


Papa & Sasha wanted to take Dylan and Payton to get one of their Christmas presents today.
So we headed to the mall.
And surprised them when we walked into Build-A-Bear!
Dylan picked out a dog and a karate uniform.
Payton picked out a bear.
Here they are getting ready to have them filled up.
Rubbing the heart in their hands.
Introducing Snowflake and Carmel.
Now bathing them to get all the extra fluff off.
And brushing their fur.
Then registering them so they can get a birth certificate.
Rylan chilled the whole time.  Maybe next year he will be old enough to get one.
It was such a fun experience.  They kids had a blast!
Can you tell from the photos that Payton wasn't herself?  Yeah, we thought that while we were there.
She fell asleep on the way home and then asked to take a nap again a little while later.
Yup - 102 degree fever!  Ugh!
I am so sick of sickness.
Oh well, at least she had a fun and memorable day!

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