Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Crafts

Gigi sent the kids some Christmas crafts to do.

This one was a cool tissue paper one.

The tissue paper came already cut in squares (score!).

They just had to put clue on the plastic, then cover the glue with tissue paper.

Then decorate the front with foam cut outs.

Cute huh?

Payton with her snowman.

Dylan chose the Christmas tree (it's sitting on a piece of plastic that is not part of the craft).
Easy, fun and best of all - super quick to clean up.  Thanks Mom!
While the kids were doing that.  Chris was doing this.
That's right, cooking dinner.  My hubby rocks.
And yes, the scowl is on his face because I am taking pictures . . . again.
My mom also send a Woollyville Advent Calendar that we have been enjoying each night!
(It's the town right behind Payton.)
Thanks Mom!!!

On a side note.  It finally got cold here today.  I was running errands in 47 degree weather.
Yes, it was freezing.  Thank goodness for seat warmers in the car!

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