Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini Road Trip

At 11am on Friday morning, we decided to take a mini road trip. We packed and left at 2pm to pick up Dylan from school then headed down to Savannah. There was a lot of this:
And a lot of Dylan being silly:
(Yes, that is gum on his forehead.)
We got there late and went to Moe's for dinner. Then we drove around downtown Savannah. Of course all the pics that I took from a moving car did NOT turn out. So here is one of me and Dylan.
We went back to the hotel to sleep and Payton slept in the longest.
In the morning we headed back to downtown Savannah. We passed by a couple of places that reminded us of people:
That is "Gigi's Cupcakes". (Hi Gigi!)
And then, "O'Connell's Irish Pub". (Hi Jess and Dan!)
We drove past "The Lady and Sons" (Paula Deen's restaurant) at 9:30am and there was a line ALL around the block waiting to get in. Mind you, they don't open until 11am!
We then drove over to Hilton Head, SC and stopped at Folly Beach. (Yea! - we got to the beach this summer!) We packed the kids bathing suits and they got to play for half an hour. It made me miss California... But I do have to say the water was WARM!!! And the sand is soft.
Payton had a blast!
We couldn't get Dylan out of the water when it was time to leave.
Here's a pic as we were leaving the beach...
We took the long way home. Went through a couple of one horse towns. Stopped WAY too many times for potty breaks. Ate WAY WAY WAY too much junk food. But it was a fun trip!

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