Monday, August 1, 2011

Dylan the Second Grader!

First day of second grade...
We decided to take him to school the first day instead of sending him on the bus.

Climbing the stairs to his class (yes, I was THAT mom - the one with the camera snapping pictures every second - but I wasn't the only one PROMISE!)
He walked right into class. That's his teacher on the right giving him the thumbs up. He didn't even look back to say bye!
He is officially a Wildcat.
He rode the bus home from school and I didn't get a picture because I thought they were dropping him off at the house. After awhile when they weren't showing up, Chris rode his bike to see if he could find the bus. Good thing he did because the bus stop was down the street aways!
Anyway, he had a great day. Within 15 minutes of him being home - a friend showed up to play. Then another. Then another. So cute watching the neighborhood boys playing together!
But now the homework begins...

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