Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week #34 {2016}

Sunday afternoon, the kids went to Papa Nutt & Gigi's house and Chris and I went and had a date!  We went and window shopped a bit, went to Downtown Columbia and went to the Faded Farmhouse.  We went to dinner at the Jumbo House...everyone needs to eat there at least once.
We went to pick up the kids and this is what Payton looked like when we got there.
Monday Payton's class had pajama and stuffed animal day.
We ate Beans and Rice Bowls for dinner.
Tuesday morning it was so cool outside that I had to wear a hoodie {for the first time in MONTHS!} while walking Dylan to the bus.  It's fun having time with just him on school mornings.  He gets on the bus at 6:30 and when I get back Payton is usually just waking up.
My mom came over for lunch and we ate {this} yummy salad.
This kid cracks me up.
For dinner we had Chicken Divine!
Wednesday morning was the first day of Run Club for Payton.  3rd-5th graders can show up early to school twice a week to run for 45 minutes and the parents can join them.  I was shocked that there were about 200 kids there!
Wednesdays are our crazy busy days...all 3 kids have practices.  While we were waiting at Dylan's practice, Rylan was doing this.
 He's such a big kid now!
And Payton was braiding my hair. 
Then Chris started classes at TKD too! 
I joked with the owner, that we will just be moving into the studio!
Side note:  I love this boy.  He is becoming his own person and I am so very proud of him.  He's so intense with his interests and hobbies, he can be a total goober at times and he makes me laugh daily. He really is a rad kid.
For dinner I made Beef Stew in the slow cooker.  Unfortunately, we didn't get to have family dinner together, since everyone just ate in between classes...but dinner was hot and yummy {P.S. Chris liked this recipe better than the pot roast I usually make}. And I had a bunch of leftovers - score!
Thursday we had a beautiful sunrise at the bus stop.  God is so good, isn't he?
Little man, loves to wear collared shirts, just like daddy.
We had a funky {but beautiful} storm roll in.  It just thundered but never rained.
It's 90 degrees and Dylan requested Chuy's Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner. It's so easy and so yummy.
Friday morning I went to Run Club with Payton and I thought that I would have to workout by myself when I got home {it's the same time as when Chris exercises before work}.  But I had the most adorable workout partner.  He did the entire T25 Gamma Pyramid with me.  He rocks!
Then he helped me fold the laundry and stole his daddy's TMNT shirt.
Saturday we went and had lunch at The Pharmacy.
It was delicious and I highly recommend the tater-tots.  They are excellent!

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