Saturday, August 13, 2016

Week #32 {2016}

Monday morning, the first full day back in school.  It means I am back to packing lunches.  I hope I can be more creative this year... because obviously, I'm not starting off strong.
Dylan has been begging for us to transfer him to the orchestra class.  So when he came home, he cleaned the floors, set the table (with candles)
and even layed out Chris' cozies for when he got home from work "courtesy of Dylan" to show us how responsible he can be.
 Tuesday my mom and I ran some errands and stopped at the Barn Door in Downtown Franklin.
For dinner I made Chicken Adobo.  My friend Kristine gave me this recipe and I always think of her when I make it.  I'll share the recipe soon.
 That evening we picked up Dylan's violin.
 He tried to play it right when we got home. {smile}
 Wednesday morning Payton stopped for a pic while we walked to the bus stop.
 Ry guy had TKD and got his uniform.
 He looks so little!
 He loved class, but hated when he got out in the dodge ball game at the end.
 Payton also started a cheer/tumble class...which she loved.
 Thursday morning, my friend sent out a pic of our girls on the bus {there's 3 of them there}.
 Friday morning the skies were very weird.
 Sometimes I wish I had her wardrobe.
It's been fun having my buddy back.  When the kids are home from school I am chop I am enjoying my time with little guy while they are in school.
 Saturday Dylan wanted to make breakfast.  I was craving Grandpa McNutt's Dutch Babies and he wanted to have Tall Fluffy he made both!
 Didn't he do an awesome job?
After breakfast we went to Ry's TKD class:

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