Saturday, August 6, 2016

Week #31 {2016}

Sunday Payton's team had an end of the season celebration at {of course} Buffalo Wild Wings!  The cool thing was, BWW comped all the kids meals.  {How awesome is that?}
Here she is with 2 of her coaches.
Team Buffalo Wild Wings!
On the way out, Ry picked me a flower.   ;)
We dropped the kids off at Papa Nutt and Gigi's to spend the night so we could have a DATE NIGHT! We went and saw Jason Bourne {great movie!}, then went back home to a very quiet house.
Monday we went to the pool again.
School starts soon and we are trying to squeeze in every last minute of summer fun.
That evening Rylan started taekwondo.  He was SO very excited and wants to be like his big brother. He did pretty good {except for the standing still part}.
 Tuesday Ry woke up with some pretty gnarly reactions to some bug bites.  He stayed home with daddy {mellowed out on Benadryl},
while we went last minute school clothes shopping.
We took Gigi with us.
Half way through our shopping trip, we realized that we were tops and black shorts/capris!
 On the way home we had to stop by and returned the books Dylan got 2 weeks ago...and yes, he read all of them.
 That night was Popsicles on the Patio, where Payton got to go and meet her teacher and find out who is in her class.
 Wednesday was supposed to be a rainy when we realized that it wasn't going to rain, I took the littles to the pool while Dylan and Chris went golfing.
 I got this book and Dylan read it in 48 hours.  Crazy!
 Thursday morning, aka the LAST DAY OF SUMMER, our neighbors brought over some fresh {meaning still hot} biscuits.  Yum!
 Then Dylan got to go and get his locker and meet his homeroom teacher.
 And then Rylan had gotten his Imagination Library book for August and it is adorable.
That night Chris stayed up super late reading Harry Potter.  Dylan read it in 48 hours...Chris read it in 16.  {I WISH I could read that fast!}
Friday was the First Day of School!
That night the littles and I played Monopoly Fast Cash.  Rylan won fair and square.  And I laughed when I say Payton covering her ears...she's just as loud as he is.  And yes, Rylan picked out his awesome pajamas.
 Saturday morning, I got to snuggle with this little girl.
And I got to eat some of my mom's homemade berry pie...which may or may not have been right after I ate breakfast.
We got to go to a birthday party at Above All for Payton's friend, Peyton.
Dylan was of course being Dylan.
 This cake was from Ivey Cake.  It was so very good.
 Happy Birthday Peyton!
The best thing about the party for this mom??? 
This was bedtime.
She was O.U.T.
She was even talking in her sleep.

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