Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week #33 {2016}

After church on Sunday we had my parents over for lunch.
And I made Berry Dump Cake for dessert.
I love walking the kids to the bus in the morning because I get to catch beautiful sunrises like this one on Monday.

Rylan created a science experiment with construction straws.  He tried {and spilled a lot} to drink the water and slowly figured out he had to plug the holes to make it work.  He was pretty proud of himself once he figured it out.
Tuesday I caught this sweet photo.  Ry guy sure loves his Dada.
Wednesday - I can't believe how much Payton has grown lately.  She makes me smile.
Chris and I have been doing T25 Gamma for 2 months now and boy does it still kick our rears.  It feels so good when we are done though!
Ry and I had a fun game of Sorry Madagascar going.
I love this kid.
Then this happened:

The builder came back in to center our kitchen sink {it was installed wrong}, fix the holes in our backsplash {finally!}, and fix the hollow spots in the tile.  While all that was going on a guy showed up to replace Payton's carpet {which I wasn't expecting this day}, so we quickly threw all of the contents of her room into Rylan's room and the hallway.  It was a MESS!
Fortunately I had a really good helper to help clean up Thursday.
Friday we got to hang out with my momma.  We were going to go garage sale shopping, but it turned into boutique and antique shopping because it was POURING rain.
She treated us to lunch at the Old School Cafe.  We shared Chicken and Dumplings, Green Beans, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread....
and peach cobbler.  It was  awesome.
When we got home, I found this gem on my phone:

I think she is so cute...
For dinner I made BLT Pasta Salad.  It is delish and so easy to make.
Saturday morning.  My girl and me at Ry's tkd class.
Chris had a hankerin {oh goodness, I really DO live in the South, don't I!?!?!} for Jack and Jameson's again, and it was just how we remembered {which is a-maz-ing}.
The server convinced us to get a Cinna-Waffle. {P.S. Aren't the plates cute?  They are glass but look like plain paper plates!}

which we promptly devoured.
A summer storm rolled in and the kids ran in the rain {until the thunder and lighting started}.
Back in the house, all cleaned up and in our jammies, the littles and I worked on a puzzle together.

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