Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Payton's Graduation From Pre-K

Payton's class had their graduation today!
(It was a little early, as they still are in school until the 21st.)
They sang a few adorable songs, then recited this poem which brought tears to my eyes.

Remember way back in the fall
when I was only just this tall?
Now look at me, I'm up to here
and my, I learned a lot this year.
In fact, you think I'm really great,
that's why I get to graduate!

Getting her Certificate of Achievement!

Here's one PROUD daddy!

Payton had the BEST teachers ever.
I am really sad that this year is done and we won't get to see them each day.
Here's Mrs. Johnson:

And Mrs. Dowd:

They made the first year of school AMAZING for Payton!

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