Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pink Eye

I have some awesome friends at church . . . here's why.
Friday I woke up with my left eye crusted shut, with green goobs.  Yes, I know, sounds glamorous doesn't it?  I spare you the picture.
Rylan has been sick this week and had some eye boogers, so I just thought that I got what he had.  Then it got worse, and hurt.
Saturday morning I knew . . . it was pink eye and had spread to both eyes.

So today is day 3 for me of:
wearing glasses (can't wear contacts)
not going anywhere
washing my hands like a mad-woman
making sure I don't touch my face
not kissing my hubby and kids (boo!)

So what does this have to do with awesome friends from church?
Payton was invited to a birthday party for Jackson, a friend from church.
I knew I couldn't go take Payton, so I called another friend and asked if she could keep an eye on Payton at the party.  She said yes.  Then I asked if Payton could just go with them from church to the party (church ended at noon and the party was at 1pm).  She said yes.  Then she said it was her daughter's actual birthday and they were going to lunch to celebrate it in between church and the party.
I felt bad that I was interrupting their family time and told her that I would just drop Payton at the party and she was so sweet and said that Lauren (her daughter) would love Payton to come with them.
So Payton was gone for most of the day, first with daddy to church, then to celebrate Lauren's birthday THEN to Jackson's birthday.
She had a blast.
Thank you Sampsell's for helping us out today!  I really appreciate it!

While Payton was out partying it up,
 I got to hang out with this sweet boy all day.
We watched movies.
Played Monopoly Crazy Cash.
We worked on his valentine's for his class.

And had a great time.

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