Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gigi's Secret Ingredient

We are all sick today, well, everyone except Payton.
So instead of my posting pictures of us lazying around all day in our jammies,  missing church and watching wayyyy too many movies, 
I decided to share a secret.
A highly classified secret.
"Gigi's Secret Ingredient"

It started years back when Dylan was just a little guy.
He loved having "secret ingredient" every time he went to Gigi's house.
When we were moving Dylan asked if we could take some with us.
She obliged and put it in a ziplock bag for us.
When we ran out Dylan asked if Gigi could mail us some more.
He was certain that I didn't know what was in it.
Which got me thinking.
I had her write (and mail) a label to us.
I put it on an old mason jar and whipped up a batch while the kids were in school.
They were both excited that "she" sent us a new batch!

So can you guess what Gigi's Secret Ingredient is?
Cinnamon Sugar

Shhhh, don't tell them you know!

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