Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Peek Into Our Week

This past week we have had Winter Break (Part 2) and have done a lot of fun things.
Here are some (okay a lot of) pictures that I took.
I made and we ate Pink Velvet cupcakes from a mix that Gigi sent us.

And made some crafts that she sent too.

We had lots of snuggles (especially at bedtime).

And made brownies with my favorite helpers.

I took the kids to the library.
Dylan read The Tale of Despereaux this week - in 5 days actually.
Now he is reading the first of the Warriors series.

I held a sweet sleeping baby.

Here's my view.

Made Homemade Cheez-Its.
The kids played and laughed.

Ry Guy walked with his walker.

We went to a bounce house.

And had some friends join us.
Can you see Payton and Sawyer holding hands?  {too cute!}

Here's The Bounce House boys!

That pooped Payton out.  She fell asleep right when we got home.

Ry and me.

We made gingerbread cookies.

Rylan pushed that chair all around karate class.

Went to the doctors first thing in the morning.

Rylan had a double ear infection {again}.

Dylan had earned a free meal at IHOP for his grades.
So we had breakfast for "Linner" (lunch/dinner).
Sweet boys.

Us girls!

Ry was there too.
Payton has the cutest butt.
I helped Chris package some marketing stuff.
SWBC Mortgage mugs with candy in it.
We went to Helen, Georgia for an afternoon.
Helen is similar to Solvang in California.
Not sure why I took a picture of the parking lot, but there you go.
Waiting to eat lunch.

Such a happy boy.
My sweet "Baby-da-girl" as daddy calls her.
 Two of my 3 most favorite guys.
We walked thru some shops.

It's a Bavarian/Austrian town.
 Very cute and very pretty.
My hubby and me.
 Here's a "selfie".
Here's a picture on the way home from Helen.
It was gray, cloudy and still beautiful.
The mountains are amazing.
Trying to get this guy to sleep has been such a challenge lately.
He does everything BUT relax.
It can take some time, but I will still win!

So that was a glimpse at our week.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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