Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fun

Ry guy hanging out with me.
(Auntie D, sent him the shirt!)

I asked Dylan to put the sheets on his bed and here is what I walked into:

Yes, that lump is Dylan.
Rylan thought it was hilarious when Dylan poked his head out.

Dylan has a birthday party to go to tonight, so Chris is taking Payton on a date.
She was so excited.
She got all dolled up.  Perfume.  A necklace.
And Dylan helped with her hair.

Dylan had a blast at the party.  They played laser tag.

Bumper cars.
Here he is waiting for the ride to start.

And during the ride.

They got to bowl a bunch.

And ride a motorcycle.
Here he is with the birthday boy.  His bud, Daniel.
Chris posted a pic of Payton on their date at Chick-fil-A.
Later on when I asked about her date, I found out that he held the doors open for her and paid for "ANYTHING I wanted."
I told her thats a good man!

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