Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day

The kids were SO excited to take their valentines to school today.

Ry is so silly sometimes.

We have a tradition of "Valentine's Breakfast" that had to wait until the kids got home from school today.
Heart shaped french toast.

Getting their valentines from us.

Ry got goldfish crackers.

I love this . . . "Are you sure this is okay?" is what I am assuming he is thinking.

The kids actually went for the presents over the candy!

I guess I did good!

But Chris did better.  Chocolates from M Chocolat.

Pear, Chardonay & Cilantro flavored.  Yum!

And he made a fantastic dinner.
Steak, rice, asparagus and artichokes!
Dylan got a surprise during dinner.  Another tooth gone!
I love watching my boys play together.
Hopefully they will be best buds forever.
Mommy's Little Valentine!
And of course I didn't get a picture of Chris and me.  =(
Hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day!

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