Sunday, March 9, 2014


We had a battle of the wills . . . and daddy will win.
Told you.
He fell asleep trying to outlast daddy and slept like this at Target.
While at Cracker Barrel a sweet old man came by our table (and to every table with kids) and gave each of our kids a pack of Juicy Fruit and a silver half dollar. It made their day!
It was so sweet and kind of him. I wish more people were like him.
I usually write notes on the kids napkins in their lunches for school. This time Payton wanted to write one for Dylan.
Melt my heart!
We had our ice storm and was "snowed in". You can read about it {here}.
Rylan is pigeon toed. Supposedly most kids grow out of it by the time they are 3, so I am praying that is the case for him.  In the mean time, I enjoy cute little things like this.
He plays footsie with himself when he is sitting on the ground!  It is really bizarre to watch him do it.
Meet my local superheroes! (School was cancelled Tuesday as well because of the ice (potentially) still on the roads.)
Dylan's superhero power is vacuuming.  He wasn't very happy that I was taking a picture. {smile}
We are still unpacking boxes, and organizing.
With all that work I was excited to find out that I won a free massage!
I promptly redeemed it . . . and they gave me a back massage with paint rollers. (It surprisingly feels good!)
Thursday I texted Chris that I wasn't feeling well. Neither was he, so I went to pick him up at work. Then we decided to pick up the kids a little early from school,
and went home, got in our comfies, and sat on the couch the rest of the night. 
It was perfect.
Friday morning was a breakfast meet & greet for Payton's new teacher.
Saturday we stopped by a car show for a bit.  Dylan's favorites were a maroon Ferarri and the blue Corvette (pictured).
When we got home the kids rode their bikes and drew with sidewalk chalk. Funny that just 5 days ago, we had a ice storm.
We ate dinner at Noodles & Company. It was really good! I look forward to going back. I had the Pesto Cavatappi (below) and Chris had the Japanese Pan Noodles.
The kids shared the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese and I have to say, J's Mac & Cheese is WAY better. Payton didn't even want to eat it, so she shared with me. 
Tea party with my baby girl.
The Schoening family came over this evening . . . we LOVE hanging out with them.
They are such a cool family!

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