Saturday, March 22, 2014

Twenty Three Months

I'm in denial that my baby boy will be 2 years old in just one month. Can we PPPLLLLEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE slow down time, just a bit? Pretty please? With cherries on top?
His vocabulary has taken off this last month and he will copy everything that we say, but here are some of the things that he says all the time.
No (Yes, we have hit that stage. Yay! - Not!)
Reabee-Set-Go (Ready-Set-Go, then he runs around being super silly.)
Buh-bow = peek-a-boo
Deepee = Payton (We sometimes call Dylan DD and Payton PP . . . Ry calls her DP)
Yeah (As in response to a question. It's cute but we definitely want him to say "yes" instead.)
Button (And likes pushing every button possible; garage door, car door, buttons on our keys, dishwasher.)

He likes zipping up his zippers.
March 2nd he had his first hair trim (Thank you Sasha!). And did I take pictures??? No. (Poor 3rd child!)
He LOVES Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

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