Friday, March 28, 2014

What Happened This Week

I love when my very active, ball of energy, always on the go, sweet very sweet boy
crashes in my lap.
And when he wears Payton's pink cowboy boots. (Yes, this is a blackmail picture!)
Ooohhhh, so true. 
I'm praying that the Lord continues to help me hold my tongue.
I made a yummy Strawberry Spinach Salad thanks to Pinterest!
We had "snow flurries" that felt more like a blizzard it was coming down so fast and hard. It even started to stick on the ground.
Then 20 minutes later, the sun was out and all the snow was melted!
I love living in the South. We see this kind of stuff ALL the time.
Hanging out in the car while Rylan took a nap.
Chick-fil-A playtime for Ry Guy.
And a quick break for their yummy lemonade.
I bought my first jar of this stuff.
 And got a lot of great tips and tricks for using it on Instagram and Facebook.
So happy.
Sasha said that in that picture he looked just like his daddy at that age.
He is just like his big brother, if he finds anything that is electronic...he has to play with it!

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