Saturday, June 17, 2017

Week #24 {2017}

Sunday Payton came running in the the saying Dylan got bit by a snake.  My heart dropped as I ran out of the house.  I saw Dylan who looked fine and as I got closer he pointed to this snake....which NEVER bit him {thankyouverymuchfortheheartattackPayton!}.  Yes. I freaked out a bit...especially since this is NOT Snau-kay {the snake that lives in the barn}.  This is another one. {I have the willys just typing that!}  We know that snakes are on our property, but I would rather NOT see them.  Or maybe I do, so then can avoid them.  But whatever.  I looked him up and he is an Eastern Black Kingsnake - totally harmless.  AND he is not close to the house which is another good thing.  But I will definitely be more on alert since it is getting warmer.
Of course, I need to keep Bombi away from him.  We don't need him wrestling with a snake!
Although he is the weirdest dog out there.  He sleeps like this quite often.
Monday was a pool day.
My crazy little guy and me.
Tuesday I took the kids and Gigi to Waffle House.  Chris and I went to a Waffle House years ago {in fact I was pregnant with Payton} and we had a horrible experience. It was so horrible that we have since called it "Awful House".  But so many people like it I thought we should give it another try and let the kids make their OWN decision on it and guess what???  It wasn't bad!
After breakfast we hit up some shopping in Columbia and found the @mycolumbiatn Mule!
That evening we had both t-ball and softball games {at the same time!} and that handsome guy came straight from work to watch.
T-ball poops this guy out....and I LOVE how he wraps his "Bit Bit" around his head to go to sleep.
Thursday morning was beautiful.
Then an hour and a half later, we watched a storm roll in.
Friday we found a trippy caterpillar.
and a trippy leaf.
Payton wanted to make a fruit salad - and Dylan and Rylan jumped in for the pic!
I discovered some wild blackberries growing on our side fence and when I turned around, I was taken back with the view from this side of the property.  So much beauty God created for our enjoyment!
Here was my "haul" for the day.  7 blackberries and 1 blueberry.  All of them needed to ripen a little longer, but it was still fun to eat off the land.
Chris took a break from mowing and Rylan jumped right on and got comfortable!
Remember when I shared a picture of a beautiful purple weed?  Well, if you let it continue to grow, this is what happens.  Like a dandelion, the puffs fall off and blow away.  It was beautiful in the sunlight.
This dog.  Seriously.
Saturday Dylan is Bombi's favorite.  He snuggles up on him every chance he gets.
Payton had a hard time falling asleep last night and when Rylan woke up we realized what she was doing instead of trying to fall asleep.
Gigi watched the kiddos so Chris and I could have a date night.  We tried out Southern Tre and it was so very good.
I tried to do a cute shadow picture as we were walking but all I got was a weird, looks like I'm sideways and pregnant photo.  #fail
Columbia City Hall.  Such a pretty building.
We picked up Dylan and headed home {the littles wanted to spend the night at Gigi's}.  For awhile now, Dylan has been talking about becoming a neurosurgeon when he grows up.  Tonight he brought it up again and said, "I wanna find someone who has the same thing as Papa Nutt and fix him."
Wow!  We all miss him so very much.

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