Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week #34 {2015} Moving Week

Sunday I found Ry like this in the afternoon.  So sad that he's not feeling well.
Monday morning was cool enough that Payton had to wear a jacket.  We are getting taste of the fall mornings that are coming soon!
I found a great place to get a blow-out. I WISH you could have heard his giggles.
It was also a LARGE cup of iced coffee day.
I needed the coffee, because we were moving all this stuff,
into this.
Fortunately the movers we hired were excellent.
The kids slept like this that night.
Because Tuesday we signed the docs for this!
And then we moved ALL DAY LONG.
Wednesday while walking to our new bus stop it was sprinkling on us and I looked up and there wasn't a rain cloud in the sky.
Ry got pooped out with all the moving. {I was too!}
It down poured at one point and I picked up a soaking wet girl at the bus stop.
Dylan made himself cozy in Chris' new office area (with all moving junk around him) and did his homework.
That night while we were watching tv, Ry reached back and grabbed daddy's hand.  So sweet.
Thursday - I was still unpacking and Ry was playing.
That evening I got to soak in my new tub. It was hot and ama-zing.
Friday we ran to Target to get a couple of things and Ry found this soap.
Since it was Michangelo we of course had to buy it and he carried it with him to all our other stops.
Saturday morning the kids woke up early and jumped on their bikes to ride in the cul-de-sac.  We are so grateful for this cup-de-sac since we moved from a super busy cut-thru street!
Dylan made a super yummy snack.  Chipotle Bean Burgers cut up and wrapped in tortillas and baked.  It was super good.

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