Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week #31 {2015}

Sunday P lost another tooth.
And she finished reading the Jesus Storybook Bible this summer as well!
Ry cracks me up with his scooter riding.
We caught some baby frogs in our yard, and even found one on our window (bottom right).
Monday Rylan was back to sorting and lining up things.  This time it was all the silverware and Skylanders.  He may be Chris' mini-me...but he is JUST LIKE ME in this area.  I used to line things up all the time.
Props to the Cepia Company!  Payton bought a toy kitten that rolls around and makes noise.  When we got it home the batteries were dead.  I called the company and they said they would mail out new batteries....they also mailed out an accessory for her kitten as well!  
It MADE her day!
We took Dylan's buddy to the pool for a bit.
Then Rylan got in trouble and I told him to not get in the water.  He did this...notice his right toe in the water?
Tuesday morning, I tried out a Pinterest idea for the kids and it was awesome.
Then of course Rylan lined all the cars up.
I completely forget this EASY tip/trick...  If I make it, they will eat it.  I try to remember to cut up veggies and set them out, because my kids will devour them.
Rylan set the table for dinner
This is the prettiest tablescape I have ever seen especially since Rylan said "Momma you get the girl one".
Wednesday.  The kids love going through the car wash.
I love watching them while we go through it.
Dylan started reading this book early Friday morning. {And finished it that evening!}
Have I mentioned how much I love living in the South?  Dylan's Middle School sent out their weekly announcements and in the middle of the email they promoted a weekend of prayer for our students...and its a public school.
Saturday morning we made To Die For Blueberry Muffins.  One of our favorite muffins.
While out shopping, Rylan jumped on a chair and said "Momma take a picture!".
And this pose was my favorite!
Then we had some friends came over and you can read about that {here}.
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