Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer {2015} is Officially Over

I'm so sad that summer is over. I love having the kids home, lazy mornings, long pool days, and late nights. 
Today I woke up at 4:58 am because today was the first day of school {yes, I was probably more nervous than they were!}.
There's some big changes this year...
Dylan started 6th grade {Seriously, when did he get so big!} which is middle school here {eek! That alone makes my heart reach out to God in prayer more!}. 
Dylan and Payton will never be at the same school together again {tear}.
Payton started 2nd grade and rides the bus Thankfully we have an AMAZING bus driver, who treats her like a granddaughter, and I know she's in safe hands.
With all the back to school hustle and bustle, Rylan wanted to go to school too. So we bought a preschool book and I am going to {pseudo} homeschool him while the big kids are away. Daddy bought him a new shirt. I pulled out a pair of new shoes {we bought a few months back}. We filled his backpack with new crayons, glue sticks and of course fruit snacks for snack time.
All ready to go!
Dylan's buddy Cullen came over to drive together on the first day.
They were so happy...and then when we pulled up to the school they got a little bit nervous.
Then it was back home for a little bit before it was time to take this little lady to school. {Their start times are about an hour apart.}
Little man was excited to go to drop Payton off.
He jammed through the halls like he owned then place.
We said bye to Payton and got in the car. Rylan said "Now it's time for home school!" and was happy until we turned onto our street. He started crying because he didn't want to go home he wanted to go to homeschool. Fortunately he got over it and he was happy to pull out his new school supplies and start working!
The kids only had a half day of school, {Yes, half day. on a Friday. so weird!} so Cullen was able to come back over to hangout and get icees.
All they kids had a great day and can't wait to go back Monday. Rylan's sad we don't have school tomorrow. LOL!
Goodbye lazy summer days...hello school schedules!

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