Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week #32 {2015}

Monday was another beautiful day for the pool.
I really loved this verse from my quiet time Tuesday morning.
And while I was reading, Payton made and brought me breakfast.
Back at the pool with some friends, soaking up these last few days of summer {for us at least!}.
That night I went to my book club. We're going thru The Mean Mom's Guide to Raising Great Kids.
Wednesday we had a summer storm blow in.
And it actually tossed about our stuff in the backyard - even the BBQ!
In our area roofs, mailboxes and trees were damaged. It was bizarre.
That night was Hornet Night at Dylan's school. We braved the rain, lightning and thunder to meet his homeroom teacher and to get his locker. {Yes, we are drenched!}
Here he is with his buddy Henry.
Thursday aka the LAST day of summer!
Payton's and I were twinsies in our comfies.
I was such the smart mom {insert sarcasm} and scheduled a bunch of appointments on the LAST DAY OF SUMMER! {Doh!} But it actually ended up okay because it was raining so we would have been stuck inside all day anyway. This dude got his hair cut.
Then we headed to the dentist {which they LOVE going to because they play in this VW Bus in the waiting room}.
Ry had his first dental x-rays. {He's so tiny in that seat!}
And they all had cleanings!
I volunteered at Payton's school for a little bit. They have a stunning view even if it WAS raining and gloomy.
Then that night it was back to Payton's school to meet her teacher(s) and check out her classroom.
All packed and ready for the 1st day of school!
Friday morning went pretty smoothly for being the first day and you can read about it {here}!
Saturday Papa and Sasha came to see Dylan's belt testing.  He did awesome!
P and Ry were a little bored and sat outside eating.
Ry got into trouble and this is what he does...  He covers his eyes trying to hide.
Then they {Papa & Yaya} treated us to Tito's. So VERY yummy.
We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Back at home, I was being attacked by these cuties, which was of course awesome!
Rylan was running on fumes, and as soon as we got into the car to run some errands, he was out!
Next week is a full week of school!

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