Monday, June 6, 2011

PO Box

We got a PO Box today! Exciting stuff - I know... Let me know if you need/want it and I will send you the address.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We've had some funky weather yesterday evening and this evening. It will be REALLY hot during the day {love it!} then a storm rolls in with dark clouds, with cool and strong winds. The National Weather Service alarm goes off (it's like a cb radio in the house) telling us that there are possible thunder storms, damaging winds and hail. You heard me right - HAIL. I was hoping it was going to hail last night so I could get some video of it. But it didn't. No thunderstorms either. We will have to see how this evening unfolds!


  1. Hi precious! I'm loving your feed. I'm sorry Chris was sick. The kids look like they are having fun. KISSES and MISSes from California.

  2. Thanks Sophia! We ARE having a good time, learning the area and exploring. Thanks for leaving a comment and for the LOVE. We miss you guys and huge hugs and kisses back to you and your wonderful family!


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