Friday, June 17, 2011

Hot Kotch

No, that is not misspelled... that is how Payton says "hop scotch". She learned how to play today. Well at least, play in her own way. She pulls her knee way up high and tries to balance while jumping. She doesn't get it yet - but it was cute to watch.

The kids also spent the afternoon riding their bikes. I can't believe my BABY can go into the garage, put on her helmet and flip flops (MY flip flops to boot), get on her bike and ride out. Where did time go?
To cool off the adults, {er ah, I meant KIDS} I made strawberry snow cones. My in-laws bought the Ninja Chopper - it turns ice cubes into snow in seconds. So making the snow cones are super easy and super yummy! Click here for the recipe and instructions for making the snow cone syrup. I think I may try to make Hawaiian Ices next.

What other fun games are you playing outdoors this summer? I need ideas!

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