Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No one warned me.

No one warned me to not start watching the series "24" right before bed. I could NOT fall asleep afterwards!
I know you are in shock as to WHY I haven't watched it before. I have a good excuse really...okay actually I don't. It's similar to when I was little and got hand-me-down clothes from my sisters. I thought I was so cool. But think this through (1) hand-me-downs mean the trend was over and it was not in style anymore (2) my sisters are 8 & 10 years older than me so that means the clothes were too big for me. I was just behind the times.

And I am yet behind the times again with watching 24!

But, thanks to Netflix, I can watch as many as I can handle in one setting. No commercials and no waiting until next week. Oh and don't tell me what happens! :)

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